Ben Stiller's high school punk band releases first new song in 36 years

Punishingly Decent

Ben Stiller's high school punk band Capital Punishment have released their first new song since 1982.

The track 'Confusion', a rework of a 1982 track, is the first of five new recordings to be released on the band's new EP, This is Capital Punishment. The EP, due out Friday November 23 as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday releases, joins Captured Track's reissue of the band's sole debut release Roadkill. 





'Confusion' is a surprisingly impressive revamp, combining sparse, minimalistic, Gang of Four-style production with modern drumming from Stiller himself. For comparison, here is the slightly rougher original version below.



The rest of This is Capital Punishment will feature four brand new tracks, and hopefully more to come in future.


This Is Capital Punishment Tracklist:

1. 'Confusion'
2. 'Drumming Out Time Inside Me'
3. 'Hot Love'
4. 'Grey And Illuminate'
5. 'Shannon Rose'


This Is Capital Punishment arrives physically for RSD's Black Friday on Friday November 23 and digitally on Friday December 7 via Captured Tracks.


Image via Dave Stekert.