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Bad Cat burst onto the boutique amp scene in early 2000 and quickly built a reputation for well-built amplifiers that covered plenty of ground. Attracting a range of big name players in a range of styles,they have established themselves as a serious builder specialising in more classic tones and layouts. Now with a foray into the pedal world Bad Cat have served up a drive box to wet your whiskers.


With two identical circuits side by side you get individual  controls for Tone, Gain and Output, as well as the ability to use either side independently  or combine the two for some stacked dirty goodness. Coming in a black casing, Bad Cat are keeping true to their brand name with two big cats adorning the  graphics featuring red LEDs as their eyes. Love or hate the look, it will leave you with no doubt as to when the pedal is on or off. As mentioned earlier,  it’s a simple set up control-wise, leaving just the input/output jacks and a handy battery door  on the bottom of the pedal, meaning you don’t have to unscrew the whole base if a quick change is needed.



A bit like their amps, the SD has a ballsy rawness that sounds amp-like and natural, but it also feels good to play. Digging in  gives you a little extra, whilst you can also relax for a cleaner  dynamic. Gain goes from clean  boost and just on the edge of break up through to chunky  more saturated rock with lots of sustain. Having the two identical circuits side by side gives you quite a few options. For example, you can find a setting you like, set the other side the same and  then increase the Output a touch  and you’ve got a slightly louder  version of that pedal. Great for  having a rhythm and lead sound  or two sounds the same but a volume boost for accentuating certain passages. Of course you can also set the Siamese Drive up to be stacked with a heavy  gain side and then a cleaner yet louder side for a kick in the guts when needed. Whatever your taste, you’ll get a rich and  natural drive sound that could be  used with a clean amp or dirty setting for extra saturation.  

Hits and Misses


Dual drive sides gives plenty of dirt options

Straight forward to use


Side mounted jacks can take up a little extra room on a tight peddalboard