Turn Out Your Sockets

Melbourne punk-pop rockers, Bad Vision began ripping through Melbourne basements and venues in 2012. Since then, the unit has released a 7” vinyl and a debut LP and are now set to release their forthcoming album.

Their sophomore album Turn Out Your Sockets, recorded at Purple Wayne Studio, is said to pack a few more pounds of punch, contemplatively and sonically. Producer David West perfectly encapsulates the blend of pop hooks, messy garage rock and punk party elements throughout the release.


Bringing in brand new bassist Alex Pink (LOOBS, Swank), the group have surely grown upwards and outwards, but not away from their roots. “We wanted to show some variation in the sound” guitarist Krystal Maynard says. “We’re perpetually torn by our pop leanings and wanting to be a thrashy live punk band.”



'Turn Out Your Sockets' is out May 6th via Adagio 830 Records. It is available for pre-order here. For more info, click here.