Audiofly’s Flagship In Ear Monitors Now Available In Clear Housing

Audiofly |

Perth headphone company Audiofly are set to release a brand new clear housing and cable version of their flagship AF180 in ear monitors.

Jam-packed with a quartet of armature drivers, the AF180 is geared for unparalleled speed and clarity. We’re talking superb, dependable accuracy; it’s the only friend you’ll need on stage. The new sleek clear housing and cable version is primed for onstage use. Reliability is a must with in ear monitors, and Audiofly’s flagship model is sure to be your go to for live performances. 


Audiofly has slowly become more recognised in the industry as a premier headphone company, even being selected to supply their flagship model of in ear monitors to the contestants on Channel Seven’s music reality television show X Factor Australia. The contestants on last year’s season used Audiofly’s AF180 for live performances. Their quad driver technology delivered the most accurate sound reproduction for the artists during their live performances. 


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