Audio-Technica’s new AT5045 is a two-element ver­sion of the remark­able four-element AT5040 and a very sig­nif­i­cant addi­tion to the flag­ship 50 Series range.

Hand crafted in Japan the AT5045 is a ‘pencil-type’ large-diaphragm, elec­tret, side-address, con­denser instru­ment micro­phone with a car­dioid polar pat­tern that cap­tures audio with pro­found real­ism and depth. Its char­ac­ter­is­tics include fast tran­sient response, low noise, the abil­ity to han­dle high sound pres­sure lev­els (149 dB SPL40), and one of the widest dynamic range specs avail­able (141 dB).  These specs make the AT5045 an ideal instru­ment micro­phone, per­fect for over­heads, per­cus­sion, acoustic gui­tar, strings and other acoustic instru­ments in pro­fes­sional stu­dio appli­ca­tions. AT5045 includ­ing AT8481 clamp and AT8482 shock mount, wind shield and hard carry case will retail for $1,999.  A matched pair of AT5045P along with shock mounts, wind­shields and a hard carry case will retail for $3,499.