Are Gorillaz teasing a new track with Tame Impala?

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please!

After launching their new music video project last Friday with the Slowthai and Slaves featuring track 'Momentary Bliss', it looks like Gorillaz might be teasing yet another addition to the Song Machine series - seemingly featuring our very own prince of psych-pop.

In a teaser posted to virtual guitarist Noodle's Instagram (does it make it a Finsta if she's virtual? I'm really not sure), the cartoon band can be seen driving a Jeep through a psychedelic landscape which bears semblance to the artwork for Tame Impala's 2015 LP Currents.



Given that Kev's got his own record coming out soon - the heavily anticipated The Slow Rush arrives in just eleven days! - it's safe to say the timing couldn't be any more perfect for this one (if it's true). Like Kevin, Gorillaz are known for working with a swathe of collaborators, with legendary producer Mike Dean recently revealing he's also been involved in this new project, so we're incredibly keen to hear this track if it lands. 


UPDATE: We're 100% certain that this artwork is actually fanmade, and was created by Facebook user Memes by Chris. As cool as it may be, we can't be 100% certain this actually means we're getting a Gorillaz x Tame Impala collaboration. Only time will tell I guess...


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