Are Behringer Hinting At A Desktop Version For DeepMind Polysynth?

More To Be Unveiled

With yet another week of Behringer's DeepMind 12 Polysynth being uncovered, the audio company have started to entertain the idea of making the new addition into a desktop version. Releasing snippet after snippet, we can only wait and see what’s in store…

Dripping details and subtly unveiling features, after two weeks it seems Behringer are thinking above and beyond for its new synth DeepMind. We last looked at DeepMind in Behringer’s fifth installment video, with the company revealing the name and explored some of the FX, yet still hiding imperative information like the retail price and a release date.  

Asking customers to voice their thoughts through a forum about the new Polysynth, Uli Behringer recently posted images with some designs for the DeepMind 12D, which looks to be designed in a more compact chassis, ditching the keyboard and equipping wooden ends with rack ear options. were lucky enough to be invited to look at DeepMind in person at the Music Groups headquarters in the UK. Watch below to see the first thoughts.



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