Are Behringer About To Release A Roland SH-101 Clone?

Or Just Being Massive Trolls

Earlier this week Roland dropped the details on the Boutique versions of some of their classic products, including the TR- 808 drum machine, SH-101 synth and the SP-404SX AIRA sampler. The announcement was also greeted by a cryptic photograph posted to Behringer’s social media sites. The photo which depicts a woman holding what looks like a SH-101 synthesizer was posted a few hours after the Roland announcement.

Yet, it is neither a Roland product or the SH-101, in fact it is the Behringer MS-101 which follows on from an announcement earlier in the year that Behringer is about to release 20 new instruments. This cryptic photograph, which was posted with the caption 'What on earth is this?', shows a possible inclusion in the forthcoming range that is likely to drop later in 2017. For our detailed breakdown of the Roland product announcement, see here.



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