Aphex Twin hints at new release with mysterious artwork spotted in London

Conspiracy Theorists Arise, Your Time Is Now

Two posters bearing the logo of IDM pioneer Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, have popped up in London's Underground overnight, sparking speculation that the electronic maestro might have a fresh album cooking.

The advertisements, which bear Aphex Twin's iconic logo, popped up overnight in London's Wheelbarrow and Castle stations, the latter of which was supposedly James' home in the '90s, according to urban legend. Warp Records, Aphex Twin's record label, confirmed to The Guardian that the advertisments were legitimate, quickly sending electronic enthusiasts into a flurry online.



Although he operates under numerous monikers, Richard D. James last released music under the Aphex Twin banner last year with 'korg funk 5,' a composition recorded to promote Korg's mighty little Monologue synthesiser. Prior to releasing 2014's jungle and acid-influenced Syro, a blimp adorned with the Aphex Twin logo flew over London - hopefully, we'll have a new Aphex album in our ears soon.



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