Fit for Acoustic Guitars of all Shapes and Sizes

The Acoustajam enables you to play a backing track through your acoustic guitar, opening up a world of possibilities where acoustic jams, the guided learning of a new track, and the immediate recording of a quick sample or a new tune are possible with the click of a button.


Once mounted onto an acoustic guitar the Acoustajam can be connected to a media player or Smartphone, tapping into a wealth of backing tracks all at your disposal. The audio is then transmitted through the soundboard of the guitar, creating a single audio source while playing along to the track.


It’s a multi-purpose unit developed to enhance the experience of learning new songs, performing, and songwriting. This functionality extends to its mobility, which makes it perfect for festivals, parties, and camping trips where jamming away the sunset is non-negotiable. Alternatively the unit can turn the guitar into a music player, with no need for further devices, amplification or cables.  


Powered by a LiOn battery the Acoustajam can be used for several hours without charge, and after that recharging merely requires the use of a micro-USB charger. With the unit fixed to the underside of the guitar’s soundboard with self adhesive pads, it can be installed and removed in an instant.


If you’re in need of a new performative flair the Acoustajam is just the thing to add to your bag of acoustic tricks. The winding words of wisdom sang around the campfire will never be the same.





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