I know many gui­tarists spend a lot of time and hard earned money hunt­ing out the per­fect amp to com­plete their rig. So, it is with lit­tle won­der that most gui­tarists take pride in their equip­ment and want to look after not only the inner work­ings, but also the cos­metic appear­ance of their amps. So, the rigours of live per­for­mance, cart­ing the amp in and out of cars and vans, onto stages, up load­ing docks and around rehearsal rooms can very quickly take its toll on your pride and joy. This can be even worse if you leave your amp in the unwieldy hands of road­ies or stage crews, who can often treat you, gear like they were bag­gage han­dlers at an air­port. So, this is where you need to con­sider pro­tec­tion for your amp, this is where you need to con­sider Gator.

The G-Tour series of cases is built to be road ready and ensure all you equip­ment is prop­erly taken care of when in tran­sit. I have a cou­ple of their key­board cases myself and know just how much of a beat­ing they can take with­out any wear and tear appear­ing on my pre­cious instru­ments. So, an item like the Gator Trans­port 212 is the per­fect accom­pa­ni­ment for many gui­tarists who want to look after their larger combo amps. It fits a range of 2x12 com­bos and speaker cab­i­net sizes, with light weight wooden walls cov­ered in in the same  tough nylon mate­r­ial you find on your nor­mal lug­gage bags. The hard mould ensures you amp stays put in a cen­tral posi­tion and the inter­nal padded walls made up of 20mm foam cov­ered in tri­cot add for extra pro­tec­tion. It also has rein­forced sides if you want to prop your amp on top and use it as a stand and has sup­port­ing rails to pre­vent the amp from vibrat­ing off the stage dur­ing performance.

Now, this par­tic­u­lar case is great because it is super light weight, looks exactly like any other lug­gage bag which some peo­ple will love and all the while remain­ing tough. The addi­tion of cas­tors and the retractable travel han­dle makes mov­ing the fully loaded unit around fairly easy and the bonus here is the front stor­age sleeve for extra bits and pieces like leads, bril­liant! They’ve also gone one step fur­ther pro­vid­ing heavy duty wrap around zips ensur­ing there is no way your amp can break free and will han­dle even the rough­est of tour­ing and cargo con­di­tions. It also includes extra heavy duty slid­ers on each side if the amp gets dragged through an air­port con­veyor belt and extra han­dles on each side of the case for ease of move­ment if you need a lit­tle help from your band mates.

In all, it may seem like an unwanted extra expense and may add a few min­utes to your set up and pack down time when going to and from gigs, but really, what is more impor­tant? A lit­tle extra pocket change or an amp that looks good and works every time? I think most of you will agree the Gator Trans­porter 212 is an invalu­able piece of tour­ing equip­ment that will keep your rig run­ning smoothly time and time again.


Dis­trib­u­tor: Jands
Phone: (02) 9582 0909

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