PreSonus have been known for offer­ing not only excel­lent qual­ity recod­ing inter­faces, but ones that give the user plenty of flex­i­bil­ity for the right price. This has never been truer with the release of the newest update to their AudioBox range in the AudioBox 22VSL. It will look some­what famil­iar at first glance to any­one who knows their com­pact inter­faces, but on closer inspec­tion, the 22VSL offers a num­ber of dif­fer­ences to pre­vi­ous models.

The front panel gives you two inputs on com­bi­na­tion XLR/TRS con­nec­tors, allow­ing you to con­nect micro­phone, instru­ment or line level inputs. You also have con­trols for gain lev­els for both inputs, a mas­ter vol­ume, head­phone vol­ume and mix con­trol. All this, rounded off with a switch for engag­ing phan­tom power is all that fits onto the front face of this com­pact blue box. Around the back you find two mono out­puts on TRS con­nec­tors as well as a stereo out­put for head­phones. You also get MIDI in and out on 5 pin DIN con­nec­tors and a USB 2 con­nec­tion for inter­fac­ing with your com­puter. That is all fairly stan­dard and just about the same as the pre­vi­ous AudioBox.

The AudioBox 22VSL gives you two PreSonus Class A XMAX micro­phone pre­amps for use in your record­ing appli­ca­tions. These qual­ity micro­phone pre­amps offer an excep­tional qual­ity and low noise to ensure that the tone you cap­ture is not lost in the pre­amp stage. With 24-bit/96kHz dig­i­tal con­ver­sion, you can also be assured that you will not lose any­thing in the trans­fer from ana­logue sig­nal in the XMAX pre­amps to the dig­i­tal form in your DAW. This raises the inter­est­ing point of what DAW to use. If you are start­ing out and don’t already have soft­ware to work with, the AudioBox 22VSL comes with PreSonus’ Stu­dio One Artist soft­ware which they have devel­oped over the past few years to meet the needs of their users who were fed up with other DAWs.

What really sets the AudioBox 22VSL apart from pre­vi­ous mod­els is the Vir­tual Stu­di­o­Live fat chan­nel that allows you to har­ness in built effects when your record or per­form live. The VSL fat chan­nel gives you a qual­ity reverb, delay, gate, EQ and com­pres­sor on both input chan­nels and a vir­tual mixer for rout­ing the sig­nal either through your com­puter for live use or into your DAW for record­ing. Take an already rock solid inter­face that will stand the test of time and never break down on you, and add in some seri­ous inline insert effects to fur­ther enhance your sound and you have a really tidy lit­tle pack­age. Best of all, it’s all pow­ered off the USB port from your com­puter, so there is no need for addi­tional power sup­plies caus­ing unwanted sig­nal noise. The AudioBox 22VSL offers you a com­plete record­ing solu­tion when space and money are restrict­ing factors.

Price: RRP $249
Dis­trib­u­tor: National Audio Sys­tems
Phone: (03) 9761 5577

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