Eden Elec­tron­ics have been pump­ing out bass gear since 1976 with a range of amps and cabs all find­ing their way into rigs of the touring/recording pro and garage band rocker alike. With a seri­ous design phi­los­o­phy and super high qual­ity pro­duc­tion they have con­tin­ued to keep up with the times be it big, loud setups or portable, effi­cient smaller rigs. The last few years have seen an influx of smaller sized amps hit the mar­ket and Eden are very much in the mix thanks to their WTX264 amp and EX112 cab.


The WTX264 really is tiny, 20.32 x 6.35 x 22.86 cms and just under 2 kgs tiny! And com­ing in a tough carry bag you’d feel super com­fort­able car­ry­ing it to a gig or sit­ting it on the back seat with the bag pro­tect­ing it nicely from those lit­tle knocks and bumps. For those effi­cient, one trip from car to gig fans sling­ing it over your shoul­der with a bass in a gig bag and then carrying/wheeling your amp is just about as easy as it gets with the Eden amp bag hav­ing pock­ets for the power cord and extra good­ies if needed.

Part of the famed Eden World Series Ampli­fiers this lit­tle guy has gain, enhance, bass (with pull bass boost), mid (with pull mid shift), high and mas­ter con­trol knobs and then a row of input, mute but­ton, effects loop send and return, aux L and R inputs and Tuner out below for a pretty com­plete front face. Rear con­nec­tion wise you’re look­ing at a speakon and two jack speaker outs, phones out­put, footswitch input and DI out with a ground lift but­ton and level for plenty of flexibility.


For a lit­tle amp the WTX264 gives out quite the pleas­ant grunt with 260 watts of power mak­ing for con­sid­er­able head­room and enough gusto to drive a mix of speaker boxes. Paired with the Eden EX112 cab you have your­self a nice range of sounds from rounder rock and vin­tage tones through to crisp, mod­ern attack. Eden’s patented Enhance con­trol gives the feel­ing of increased clar­ity and cut whilst the bass boost option can increase low end sig­nif­i­cantly if you need a lit­tle extra oomph. The Mid and High con­trols have plenty of scope and the added mid shift lets you refo­cus the midrange too for tar­get­ing some honkier tone and push­ing your posi­tion in the band mix if so desired!


The mute but­ton is eas­ily acces­si­ble, the knobs are spaced nicely apart for fid­dling with­out knock­ing oth­ers, the EQ sec­tion is respon­sive and there’s plenty of con­nec­tiv­ity. Although I’m not entirely sure whether the aux outs and effects loop posi­tion­ing on the front of the amp are a design fea­ture or there out of neces­sity (and lack of room on the back in such a small unit) they don’t cause too much of a prob­lem thanks to being located at the bot­tom of the face­plate. For those really con­cerned a cou­ple of right angle jacks and your leads neatly run around the side of the amp and you’d hardly notice the issue! WTX264 and EX112 — com­pact, portable, easy han­dled by one per­son and a good range of tones…what’s not to like?

Price: RRP EGRW-1264 Head and box pack $1499

Dis­trib­u­tor: CMI Music & Audio

Phone: (03)9315 2244

Web­site: www.cmi.com.au

By Nick Brown

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